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17 Short and Sassy Natural Hairstyles for Afro-American Women

By: Glaminati Media | Updated: 01/24/2018

2. Short Twist Out

If you are tired of your everyday afro, you aren鈥檛 the only one. Most women who opt for the natural look get bored with their curls and want to experiment with new styles. A twist out is a simple yet stylish solution. You can always pin one side up to add a more dramatic effect.

3. Short, Curly Hair

The first rule of a short and curly natural hairstyle is to use products that prevent hair loss and are made for your specific hair type and curl style and texture. But in general, curly hair is short and easy to maintain. Wash and go is a great style for those with naturally curly hair.

4. Natural waves

Soft waves may have been a trend in the past, but they are making a comeback with African American women. If you brush your curls it will add extra length and volume. This natural style is great for a night out on the town as it bursts with style.

5. Sectioned Mohawk with Small Coils

For those who can鈥檛 pull their hair back into a ponytail, you can pin it into a Mohawk to keep your hair away from your face without struggling to get your shorter hair into a ponytail or bun. For a unique style, add a parted design. Or if you want to be a little more daring, add some spikes.

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