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Batch CHM TO DOC Converter Crack With Full Keygen (2022)

Batch CHM TO DOC Converter is a Windows application developed to batch convert CHM files to DOC format. The clean and well thought out GUI is the main element that makes the program appropriate for all user categories, turning the whole conversion job in a very intuitive task. As with any other conversion tool, Batch CHM TO DOC Converter requires users to define the source files. Since it's a batch converter, you can select as many files as you want, or you can simple input the path to a folder holding them all. Sadly, there are no configuration options, a matter of fact that may convince professional users that it's the time to look elsewhere, but this actually makes the process a bit faster. The conversion engine is fast and reliable and it doesn't seem to affect the overall system performance in any way. You are allowed to export the list of files to be processed to a separate file, but also to save the configuration settings you make before starting the actual conversion task. Although chances are that you don't need one, a help manual is also included in the package, providing plenty of information on every single built-in feature. As a conclusion, Batch CHM TO DOC Converter is one of the easiest to use program developed to convert CHM help files to DOC format. It doesn't assault users with too many configuration options and relies on a very fast and effective conversion engine.


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