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Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving movie? I think I have a favorite for every h…

Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving movie? I think I have a favorite for every holiday! My absolute favorite Thanksgiving movie is Pieces of April.
Tell me yours!!
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  1. Oh this looks interesting I’ve never seen it, I think I love Home Alone!

  2. I can’t think of any? And I never saw pieces of April! I might have to check it out!!!

  3. @jelenatodorovich.art it was definitely a low budget movie but I was a kid working at a movie store. Great for kids with mommy issues.

  4. @noorsknits no thanksgiving movies??

  5. I don’t think i have a favorite!!

  6. @kelpiefire oOo I love that movie! We just watched it! The scene over the rental car literally gives me life!!!

  7. @stephaniestrings Yes! It gives my black heart the feels!

  8. Is the 2nd image from Planes, Trains & Automobiles? That’s a throwback classic!

  9. @rusticeve Yes! That’s part of why I do this! I love holiday movies!!!

  10. @capturesbyjustine well the parade is my favorite thing day of and then Christmas everything after that. But I need the Thanksgiving lead up.

  11. @ontheroadagain_official Yes!!! We love that movie!! The last one is Dutch which no one has ever heard of… but it’s hysterical!!!

  12. @ecletters get it together toots! Time to head to the YouTube!

  13. I actually talked on FB recently about how there aren’t near enough Thanksgiving Movies out there!

  14. @britneycrosson I seek them out because I have an entire list of Christmas movies that I will watch on a loop after thanksgiving dinner. I have to have speed bumps! Lol I like to do this in particular because people know about things that I don’t! I also do it with Christmas music and movies… tomorrow I’m asking about episodes!

  15. Dutch is so good! Baby Ethan Embry!

  16. PLANES TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILESSSSSSSS OMG OUR FAV!!! When Netflix used to send DVD’s in the mail, we kept that one! Lol we still watch it. The bestttttttt

  17. @rockslut YES!!!! No one ever knows about that one!!! And I love him!!!

  18. I haven’t seen that one before. I know that Thanksgiving for me is the Macy Parade and kick-off to the holidays.

  19. @deborahfoxphotography yes!! I’ve wanted to walk a balloon in that parade since I was a little kid!!!

  20. I don’t watch TV or movies, except for 3 this time of year. Home Alone, The Grinch, and Frosty.

  21. Home Alone and all the vintage Christmas cartoons are my favourites

  22. @loveheddyj you and I can watch tv together

  23. @remiliaandco yeah Garfield is my jam!!! Home Alone is Christmas!

  24. @loveheddyj but those are all Christmas movies!

  25. @declarationhome you’ve seen Mixed Nuts? No one knows about that movie!

  26. @glitterwaffler haha Guilty as charged.

  27. I love that movie! I associate it with a very specific time in my life when I was learning to truly be myself.

  28. @glitterwaffler Yes, pieces of April. It’s so underrated.

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