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Do you love thrifting as much as I do? I mean, I could go thrifting 7 days a wee…

Do you love thrifting as much as I do? I mean, I could go thrifting 7 days a week and it wouldn’t be enough. I love it! Some days I come I come home with something cool and other days nothing at all, but it doesn’t stop me from returning. The more I go the better the chance of finding something. Almost my entire dining room is thrifted and diy projects and I’m sharing all about it in my stories. .
Also, if you missed it, I’m taking over @countryhomemagazine this weekend. It’s been so much fun! You can find me in stories over there too. Thanks for joining in today and for all of your sweet words, my friends. .
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  1. @ourupstatehome Thank you sweet Maggie!

  2. I have stopped going thrifting so much in the last couple of years due to the fact we were trying to sell our house and the we were moving and getting settled into our new home… and now I feel the freedom to pick up my old thrifting ways and start seeking out some treasures! Your stories constantly inspire me and I can’t wait for what I can paint in 2019!!

  3. frontporchongreen

    Love your dining room…actually your whole house! Thanks for taking us along to the thrift store, and including all your transformations in your stories. So much fun!

  4. familyshiplapanddunn

    You have inspired me to do it more. Thrift store kinda gross me out!

  5. comfortandjoysoap

    I loved watching your stories on all of your thrifted things! Thanks for encouraging us to go often to the thrift store! I’m definitely going to do that! I don’t go enough. ❤️

  6. Dreamyyyy

  7. healthcoachchloedupray

    I do love thrifting!!! I had to stop going, for a bit, but I do miss it. Both of my grandmothers taught be how to do it and find treasures. It’s a wonderful source of goods.

  8. Is that the 3$ table?

  9. @vintageporch where is the chandelier from? Sorry if you said somewhere. I cannot find it.

  10. Love it all!!! I went to a vintage market over the weekend but it was too pricey! Where does everyone find their treasures I need new items in my home! Thanks

  11. I LOVE thrifting!!! I go often lol That’s how you find the great deals! ❤️

  12. sunnypatchboutique

    I love thrifting too!!

  13. Yes to thrifting and up cycling!!Enjoying your takeover. ❤️

  14. @vintageporch Yes!!

  15. sincerelykimberlylyn

    @vintageporch i hope so too!! ❤️

  16. Yes I love thrifting it’s a thrill

  17. @arcyluna_74 it’s hit or miss really, some places are overpriced

  18. kristinbentonphotography


  19. @katie__grinnell I found it on craigslist❤️

  20. @twover1 No, I’m not quite finished with that one

  21. Thrifting is so good! ♥️

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