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I’m dreaming of a white Christmas. No, but seriously, I really am dreaming. We …

🎶I’m dreaming of a white Christmas. 🎶 No, but seriously, I really am dreaming. We have no snow—just some dead grass and shrinking ice patches out there! Hoping for a late-game rally from Team Mother Nature. ❄️🎄 How about you guys? Do you have snow where you are?

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  1. fiddleheaddesigngroup

    Yes!!!!! Need snow. Want snow. Come on Mother Nature! Let’s do this!!!! ❄️

  2. biggerthanthethreeofus

    It’s been so warm here! Weird for this time of the year for sure.

  3. No! And it’s 60 degrees. What the heck?!

  4. Feels like a spring day in Charleston!

  5. Your greens are beautiful!!

  6. Ha! That’s like where we live. A small snow patch and then someone raking leaves… on another note, this picture makes me swoon!

  7. No snow just cold and kinda wet.. even tho it’s not raining haha

  8. We don’t have snow but it’s on the forecast soon

  9. Just now, in Traverse City, Michigan. Hope it sticks around for Christmas!

  10. Same here… Same here…

  11. We don’t have any snow either … but I’m totally imaging that there is some ❤️

  12. Same 60 degrees on Long Island but I thought for sure you’d have snow in Minnesota. I was actually expecting to see snowy pics on your account. A little disappointed; I needed to experience the snow vicariously (lol but kinda serious) ❄️

  13. Low 70s here… Merry Christmas! This is beautiful!

  14. halfway_wholeistic

    Never any snow here in So Cal!! Ugh! I’m just thankful for 60° temps! Haha

  15. Looks so cozy! ❤️

  16. No snow down here in Denver but lots in our mountains. Skiiers, come on out! Love your indoor pix & classic holiday decor. Well-done!

  17. Never, nope, not going to happen here in the south!

  18. I’ve had that song stuck in my head all day! Sadly, it’s looking like no snow this year. Maybe in the new year? Hopefully?

  19. So beyond gorgeous!!! Wow. I’d cozy up to that fireplace.

  20. where is this garland from??

  21. @farnzie I diy’ed it! There’s a tutorial on my blog and a tutorial video on igtv!

  22. @francois_et_moi oh my my, it’s so beautiful!!! I’ll have to study up.

  23. This is stunning!!

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