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Looking for an inexpensive, easy DIY gift to make for those last few stragglers …

Looking for an inexpensive, easy DIY gift to make for those last few stragglers on your Christmas list this weekend? 🎁
Stress no more. I’ve got you covered, friend!
With all the running around, school plays, shopping, baking, house cleaning, errands, and holiday parties these last few weeks who wouldn’t love a gorgeous F O O T S O A K to relax those tired tootsies??
Ok! First thing’s first.
Find a cute container – that’s priority number 1!
Depending on the size of your container, the recipe may vary slightly.
➕1 cup of Epsom salt
➕10 drops Cinnamon Bark
➕10 drops Rosemary
A good rule of thumb is for every 1 cup of Epsom salt, use 15-20 drops, total, of essential oil.
Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl until the oils are fully incorporated and there are no more clumps.
Put the mixture in your amazing container, seal, and tie with a ribbon and a sprig of rosemary (or a clipping from your tree)!
To use: scoop a couple tablespoons into warm water and let those feet enjoy a little break!
Other combinations to consider:
➕Eucalyptus and Peppermint
➕Lavender and Roman Chamomile
➕Spearmint and Citrus Bliss
➕Balance and Serenity
Who do you know who could use a last-minute gift idea?! Help a friend out and tag them below!👇🏼

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  2. healingflowsnaturally

    Ohhh, such a fun gift idea!

  3. Sounds like a blend I need!!!

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  5. This is so cute!

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    @healingflowsnaturally so easy and quick to whip up!

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    @eosbylauren so simple to make!

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    @oilmatters the best kind of gift!

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    Love this! Cute containers are a must!

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    Such a great idea!!

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    I may have to do this tomorrow for some adult stocking stuffers!

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    @adventures.of.a.natural.family any way to help take the stress out of those final gifts!

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    @the.natural.life both great options for achy muscles and joints. And they smell amazing together!!

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    @loiljhandmade so fun and easy to make!

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