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Our bathroom reno is still one of my fav things we’ve done in this little home …

Our bathroom reno is still one of my fav things we’ve done in this little home ❤️ I struggled and sometimes still struggle with how much to invest and personalize our home because even though we’ve fallen in love with this little fixer upper, I don’t think this is our forever home. Not because it’s small, which it is at just under 1000 sq ft, and not because it’s really lacking in any department. I actually find myself feeling quite content here ☺️But there’s one deal breaker. Location location location! It isn’t in the country. My heart belongs in the country on a small farm like the one I grew up on ❤️ .
We did purchase the big lot next door and I think that bought us some more time here, which makes me happy….at least until we stumble across that place in the country that I know is waiting on us 😉 .
And as far as the struggle goes I’m just gonna keep making this place feel like us because duh we live here! 😜 #lovewhereyoulive #livewhereyoulove .
All the bathroom reno deets are on the blog ➡️ link in my profile or at www.midcountyjournal.com 😘
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  1. Love❣️

  2. foreverhomevintage

    You are so right…location is so important! The bathroom reno is beautiful ♡

  3. I just love your little fixer upper. In fact I was just on your blog today looking at your drop cloth curtains. I think I’m gonna try it out for our kitchen/dining room. Did you bleach them?

  4. @thecobblershoponconcord Aww you’re so kind! ❤️❤️

  5. @timberfields One day girl! ❤️

  6. @joanne_kingsbury That Mensa the world to me! ❤️❤️❤️ I didn’t but I shared how to on the deconstructed chair article!

  7. @lllbaldeagle Thanks! ❤️

  8. @thesimplefarmstead No all of our trim and beadboard is just pure off the shelf white and our wall color can be found on the blog under the perfect white paint!

  9. @pattyah Yep its an antique medicine cabinet ❤️

  10. @thefortifying_home Thanks! It was a lucky vintage find!

  11. Love this bathroom girl!

  12. Looks beautiful! Great job!

  13. @little.modern.farmhouse We actually really love small living! ❤️

  14. little.modern.farmhouse

    @midcounty_journal that’s awesome, so do I ❤️

  15. You did such a good job!

  16. enchantedacresfarmhouse

    beautiful and full of character!

  17. @enchantedacresfarmhouse Thanks so much! ❤️

  18. lynnetteshomesweethome

    Your sink is amazing! Love it!!

  19. That medicine cabinet is fantastic

  20. Yesss!! I feel the same. I LOVE our current home but I see us selling our homes in a few years to buy more land. I want bees, and ALL the animals! And I want to some day be the farm our sons bring their kids to visit on weekends… all the Country vibes


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