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Our hallway was so blah (swipe) so when I woke up on Friday morning empowered by…

Our hallway was so blah (swipe) so when I woke up on Friday morning empowered by inspiration (or entangled in a manic episode not sure?? 🤷) I decided to redo this disaster. I changed the colour based on inspo from @buildingwalnutfarm and went with @benjaminmoore Yorktowne Green and added moulding from my local @homehardware building centre. I also stripped the wallpaper on the lower half of the wall. You know what I said about the manic behaviour… I did this all in one day while my kids were at school, including picking up supplies. Sometimes I’m not the healthiest person according to my psychiatrist but you can’t deny the before and after. For the curious the pictures are all thrifted finds of house sketches.

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  1. Gorgeous! Love that color!

  2. I like this colour!!

  3. So good!!!

  4. my_chicago_bungalow

    It looks great!

  5. @my_chicago_bungalow thank you!!!

  6. @kismet_house thanks I’m so happy it turned out better than the last stab at it

  7. @tashtea thanks Tasha! It’s definitely pretty.

  8. @everyday_elmore I’m in love with it. I’m thinking of stripping the wallpaper in the balcony vestibule and painting it the same colour.

  9. @jennyfromthebruce that will look amazing too.

  10. Did you also paint the armoire in the rear room? Really, really sharp! Lovely!

  11. @125and126 me too, not to be to non-humble

  12. @jennyfromthebruce I totally get it! yesterday someone posted a picture of my kitchen and every time I see it somewhere else I think, “that’s a great kitchen.”

  13. dayna.dekroon.art.and.design


  14. buildingwalnutfarm

    Whoa! This is fantastic!!!

  15. @vdiep thank you! I agree that it needed something to contrast more with the rich wood tones.

  16. @buildingwalnutfarm thank you and thank you for sharing the colour with me! It looks a lot more blue in my space than yours but I think it’s because my hallway is quite dark. ❤️

  17. @inspired.spaces thank you ❤️

  18. Wow! Way to go mama. This looks amazing! Inspiring. Therapy. Can’t believe all during school hours!

  19. Looks so good! And I can’t believe you did all of that in a school day!!!

  20. @modernbohomom to be fair my kids have a long day because we live in the country – 8-4 including the bus ride.

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