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  1. This look like gta face paint

  2. what brushes do you use

  3. But this is a pretty nasty mask ^ ^
    It's not normal

  4. hey Bonnie I've been following your videos for a while now on here an as I love horror genre I personally think your style you take is awesome I love this video… keep it up

  5. Doing this for halloween

  6. I love this! gave me some inspo for this upcoming Halloween. Tysm! keep working hard!

  7. Did you set the paint at all or how did you prevent it from
    Smearing ? I tried this look and loved it but it rubbed off so easy 🙁

  8. Does your face paint dry or is it oil based so it will smear

  9. can we use any type of face paint?

  10. Do You go outside with this painting? 🙂 sorry for my englisch 😉

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