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How to Apply Contour Makeup Depending on Your Skin Tone

The world has gone crazy over contour makeup these days. And there is no wonder why. There is no need to go for plastic surgery to sculpt your face the way you always wanted it to look. The thing is that all the contour lines are your perfect helpers to define your face, so that only prominent features stand out, and all the unwanted is carefully hidden. To prove our point, we have gathered here some useful info and examples that will become more than helpful for you in your everyday life. Hop in!

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Daily Charm: Over 50 Designs for Perfect Pink Nails

Pink nails are so pleasing to the eye! And it’s not only our opinion. Pinks are considered to add some glam to your overall look. Any fashion expert will agree with this statement. And we cannot argue with the canons of beauty. To show our respect to fashion, we have created a photo gallery full of adorable pink mani ideas.

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Types of Fake Nails: All The Essential Information You Should Know

Every lady wants to look her absolute best no matter where she goes. Your perfect nails are that one essential component of your flawless look. However, not every woman can show off healthy and long nails granted by nature. That is why many of us refer to the miracle named: fake nails. There are many people who may believe that false nails are nothing but pure evil yet we decided that it is up to you to choose whether you should try or shouldn’t try them out. We are going to have a closer look at all types of such nails in this article as well as we will provide you with a bunch of inspirational designs to at least consider.

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24 Owl Tattoo Designs That Will Make You Drool With Satisfaction

The tattoo fashion is gaining its popularity with every day, and there is barely anyone in the world who hasn’t tried getting a tattoo or at least considered getting it once. If your body is a temple why not to decorate the walls, right? However, you must realize that a tattoo is mostly a permanent decision and you need to choose wisely when it comes to the image depicted on your body. These days, many people opt for an owl tattoo. The thing is that there is a lot more meaning behind the image of an owl than just a nice-looking bird.

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80s Makeup Trends That Will Blow You Away

80s makeup history has always been remembered as creative, loud and bright. After the nude makeup trends, some colors are needed to pop. This is the reason why it appears everywhere you go again. Beauty gurus start experimenting with colors more and fashion bloggers add gorgeous accents to their looks with the help of this era`s makeup tricks. Would you like to try out new things and keep your beauty skills strong? Then we have some suggestions for you.

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