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I woke up like this ———————————————————————— Ark bottoms -•- Got huge things …

I woke up like this 🦈 ———————————————————————— @gymshark Ark bottoms 🦈 -•- Got huge things …


  1. @theylovedejjj that’s exactly why we only go to your people for the holidays

  2. Totally relate to the dieting for 3 weeks part…. I was in pain for 3 hours or so after thankgiving dinner for having eyes bigger than my stomach… some family probably thought I was in a bad mood and didnt wanna be there but truth is I ate way much…

  3. @gingermattic #TripsToTheToilet

  4. Sensational acting and one day u will b box office

  5. Ayona you fine as hell,but I will not be eating that whole pan…lol.. you getting one scoop

  6. @ace_nicholls the lady is your doppelganger

  7. @ace_nicholls her face looks like yours

  8. @angwenyimark Hmmn. Trying to see it

  9. Beautiful. I’m engaged to my girl and we entered a wedding contest. In order to win we need views/likes/comments/shares of our YouTube video. It’s called India and Igor. Check us out. Thank you for your love. ❤️❤️

  10. @cherineex._ Srry maar je lijkt hier fucking erg op

  11. @skipperrr_vdb HAHAHAHAHAHA OMG

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