18 Classy and Fun A-Line Haircut Ideas – Hairstyles for Any Woman

By: Glaminati Media | Updated: 01/28/2018

18 Beautiful Hairstyles with A Line Haircut

An A line haircut is among the trendiest cuts today and it seems to be here for the long-haul. Many women are going for the stacked A-line style, often called an “inverted or stacked bob” as it looks fabulous on almost every face shape and texture of hair. With an A line bob you can add highlights and ombre finishes making your hair stand out. You can also experiment with different lengths, textures and layers to find the one that best fits your personality features and style.

If you are tired of long hair cuts, try an A line haircuts. It is designed to provide more volume and fullness to the back of your hair. This cut works great on those with naturally thick hair as it removes heaviness and provides movement. It also adds a more dimensional look if you chose an A-line haircut with layers in the back that is longer in the front. The number of layers depends on your desired look as well as the thickness of your hair.

There are many styling options for the A line haircut, and highlights and ombre finishes is one of the prettiest. You can opt for a mischievous tousled effect or a classic sleek and smooth, glossy cut. Any type of curls looks great with a stacked bob. And you can opt for any length: both short inverted bobs and longer A line styles are classy and stylish, and add a slightly bold and edgy flair.

Whether you opt for wavy or straight, edgy or blunt, textured or sleek, dramatically long or daring short, or slightly or heavily stacked, an A-line bob is unsurpassed with its diversity in creative styles and solutions. You can play around with highlights or ombre finishes and add braids or cute accessories to make your style pop. The following suggestions are our favorite A-Line Hairstyles.

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