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2018 Holiday Series: Christmas Tree Decorating

I am so excited to share tips and tricks for decorating your Christmas tree this year!

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  1. Great idea with the floral wire, definitely going to incorporate that with my tree trimming this year!

  2. I'm 56 yrs old and I cant tell you how much I JUST learned about decorating a Christmas tree!!! How sad is that?!! 30 yrs of doing it wrong makes me want to do the next 30 (God willing!) doing it the Christopher way!!! Ordering the mesh ribbon today, maybe red or burgundy, but I'd LOVE plaid ribbon~ Thanks for yet another great video!! CANT wait for your gift guide…. they're one of my FAVORITES!! your tree is gorgeous!!! (I've seen the updated tree, but both are gorgeous!)

  3. Thank you for the ribbon trick!! I use the floral wire method too. It really does help with getting proper placement with the ornaments.

  4. Wait don’t go! This video wasn’t long enough ⛄️

  5. Christopher you home is so beautiful and that tree is gorgeous! You gave me some great tips for decorating my own tree this year. Thank you!!!

  6. Thank you for he great tips!

  7. My favorite part of decorating is putting on the filler bulbs and icicles that brings the whole look together! Your tree is so pretty and the fairy lights make all the difference.

  8. Nice! I think I'm going to use your idea about florist wire. Although it's odd I'm writing about tips for Christmas when I just put up my fall/Thanksgiving Decorations today., lol

  9. Beautiful!! Thanks so much for sharing these tips. I love the tip of using floral wire to hang ornaments so you can position them exactly how you want them to hang. I’m looking forward to the rest of your holiday videos. You are always such a joy to watch!!

  10. Bonjour Christopher, a well done video with great ideas, especially the florist wire. Florist wire is a must have when it comes to make any décor, it is always helpful and there is nothing like it to secure things. Well done … much love your way as always.

  11. How beautiful! Thanks for the inspo!!

  12. The blue really was beautiful Christopher! Albeit, so is the white.

  13. Thanks Christopher for those great tips I would never have thought of myself!!! Happy
    Christmas Decorating!!! Hello to Bubbas!!!

  14. Where did you purchase the tree from, again? It looks so realistic! Beautiful tree… 🙂

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