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CHRISTMAS DECORATING | Watch this BEFORE You Start Decorating for Christmas!!

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  1. I have been around forever since your Mom was decorating your apartment with your friends. That design was absolutely beautiful.

  2. I've been following since your mom redid your apartment with your college roommates!

  3. I have been following you for about 6 months. I just joined the #Liveitjournalfam

  4. Ok had to exit out once i saw your feet! Gross next time cover them up!

  5. Been watching since your studio apartment. The first time you decorated with your mom

  6. Started following after discovering your mother’s videos! Lots of love from London

  7. I've been following for years!! I watched your moms videos starting about 6 years ago and I loved them! As soon as you got involved I was watching and loving every second!!

  8. I started following last holiday season – discovered your videos and your moms!

  9. Thank you Sharrah! I love it. Can you do an updated apartment tour? Can you also do like holiday drinks and homey snacks for guests? I realize that might be slightly out of scope but I'd love it!

    Oh, and I've been following since forever, both you and your mom, I remember roommate videos and more. Well before the wedding!

    Can you also do a skincare video? Your skin is literally (almost annoyingly) perfect and you're so pretty.

  10. I actually started watching your mom’s channel first about three years ago, during the holiday season. Then, followed you there after. I just adore you two so much and content you put out is always helpful and inspirational.

  11. I can‘t really say how long I follow you but the college room with your mom I can remember

  12. I’ve watching for 3 yrs now & I absolutely love you & your mom’s decor style. Can’t wait for future vids!!!

  13. I been falling you before the wedding looove your decor videos but you and your mom xmas videos are the best in YouTube xoxo from Morelia México!!

  14. I’ve been watching your channel since you created it
    But I watched your mum since she did her friend son room makeover (black & red)
    But not comment much

  15. I remember following you when you used to make DIY and videos with your mom I loved both of you

  16. I started following your mom first, when she was doing wreaths for christmas, lol then when you got your own channel started following you

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