8 Most Popular Types Of Ear Piercings To Consider

By: Glaminati Media | Updated: 09/12/2018

Things You Need To Know About Ear Piercings

Today ear piercings placements vary. The days when people got piercings in the earlobe only are long gone.

The tradition of getting piercings is actually more ancient than you could possibly imagine. Archeologists found proof that people pierced their years 5000 years ago.
And in primitive tribes people underwent piercings because they were protecting themselves against demons and spirits that could enter their bodies through their ears. It鈥檚 the supposition of anthropologists.

Nowadays, piercing is considered to be body art. And both women and men go for it, get multiple piercings and wear various studs and earrings.

Now let鈥檚 discover various types of piercings in ears.

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