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CUTEST and FUNNIEST BABIES on Youtube – The best baby compilation

Check this adorable babies! Some of them are just too tired to eat, some of them are pushing broken car,… 😀

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  1. The watermelon one was cute like if you agree

  2. 7:12 to 7:46 my older brother at the driving test

  3. Every single baby on the earth is cute

  4. 0000ⁿ"njdcuncdhnsdci xs uh I such is currently ub ydsguf y ago df usgicdydcbgsgbyudxcbsdguu the same time as the one I y yyyyy the same time as the one I have a look at the moment and I will be

  5. I hate those parents who gives their babies lemon!!! That baby his taste puppils and skin isn't like an adult, it feels like a red hot chili pepper to that baby. Why would you do that, because it looks funny? Shall I smack your face, put it on YouTube…just because it looks funny???!!!

  6. 3:08 when your baby is broken XD

  7. What is the fascination with lemons ?


  9. 2:56 that is so cute a baby in a watermelon.

  10. 10:07 One of the best startle reactions I've ever seen, ROFL.

  11. Whoever disliked this is a bad person

  12. Awww thows baby’s are so cute

  13. Am i the only lying in bed at night alone watching this?

    (Does that sound creepy?)

  14. Wow so very cute baby ~너무 예뻐요♡
    I subscribed!

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  16. 5:12 me when i want to tell my hubby a new gossip

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