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  1. What other Movies/Shows do you wanna see? Comment below and I’ll try my best to post some!

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  3. Bach is the funniest but max is the coolest

  4. Did my dude really run UP the stairs?

  5. Fucking dead. King Bach just drops to the floor at the beginning. Shit turned into a horror movie for him too. At least he didn't die first.

  6. Why is nobody talking about King Bach?

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  8. Code:10-53
    Fax: Man Down.
    Fax: OK Understood.
    Code: 0-7
    Fax: All Clear, Taking a break.

  9. Guys want me to Stab his eye and kill his ass

  10. 1:07 its 2017 and he has a phone from the 90s the fricken 90s

  11. I would like fucking with Samara weaving

  12. There is to much blood, there would never be that much blood.

  13. The fuck is this this is probably a wtf movie

  14. Fuck max big ass fucking bottom bitch that’s fucking muscles he thinks you don’t cut the fucking sword

  15. Dude wtf. This film is sick.

  16. King bach is a king TITTY GONE

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