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  1. add me on snap for tips, ayechristy

  2. 'I'm dead with teeth.'

    Wonderful, Lex. Simply marvelous.

  3. I absolutely love all your tutorials!!!! I've been practicing but still not as good as you. I was wondering in you could do a stapled skull tutorial??

  4. you're so cute in this !!

  5. "I like the devil….emoji." Hee! The pause made you a bit evil. 🙂

  6. Yes!!! They're so cute tbh, even the ones you called creepy. My fav will always be the kissy one tho

  7. "I like the Devil! (forgets some people will call her a satanist) THE EMOJI"


  8. the only video I couldn't watch was your horror makeup one I've got a weak stomach xD

  9. I love your voice it's so pretty

  10. Anyone else thought Lex looked like a mime when she was creating the "Internet Favorite" Laughing and crying face?

  11. love watching your videos at the end of a long day they make me so happy!

  12. hello! I'm in in a makeup competition in school! and I was wondering if you had any tips or tricks for me!! you are amazing!!! ~(^з^)-☆

  13. Could you do the new version of Harley Quinn? (Arkham Knight, Suicide Squad)

  14. I like the devil….. Emoji

  15. the black thing that comes out on the left bottom corner scared me for a minute lol awesome video!!!

  16. hey… I am doing makeup for a haunted house…. (latex type stuff I'm not good at painting yet) anyways I have to do makeup for a bride tomorrow… idk what to do…. can you give me some ideas, please?

  17. I'm. Dead. I'm dead with teeth. Lol XD

  18. please do something from the crimson peak

  19. What's your favorite emoji Lex?

  20. You're so talented lex! You have the most creative ideas and I'd never be able to do this. I'm constantly checking your channel for new vids, and yes I'm subscribed;) but my thing acts up. Stay cool!! Lol bye!!!!

  21. can you please do a mad hatter look!

  22. you are so awesome!!! would you do mileena from mortal kombat x without mask pls!?!?!

  23. Hey Lex I Was Where Did You Get The Contact Lenses You Used For The Pumpkin Makeup Or The Until Dawn Clown Makeup I Try To Contact You But You Sadly Don't Respond So Hopefully You Do To This Thanks So Much For This Tutorial I Might Do One Of These Thx

  24. Please make alice inwonderland tutorial with a twist 🙂

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