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Halloween Zombie Face Paint Tutorial | Snazaroo

Braaaaaainnnsssss… You’ll trick a fair few unsuspecting people this Halloween when you recreate this scary zombie face paint design! Not only is this realistic and easy to achieve, but no fake blood or prosthetics are involved in the making of this tutorial. Thank you to the wonderful Ashlea Henson for helping us with this video!

Products used:
Snazaroo White Face Paint –
Snazaroo Bright Yellow Face Paint –
Snazaroo Pale Green Face Paint –
Snazaroo Lilac Face Paint –
Snazaroo Light Brown Face Paint –
Snazaroo Black Face Paint –
Snazaroo Burgundy Face Paint –
Snazaroo Sponges –
Snazaroo Yellow Brushes –
Snazaroo Medium Round Brush –

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Evening of Chaos – Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)


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  1. Wow so easy and fast im actually going to do this on my nephew !

  2. Awesome! Used this to paint my daughter's face for a school Halloween party. She looked fab!

  3. Hi, was wondering, how many 18ml snazaroo cups do i need for a full-body paint? All grenn… person is 160cm, thanx.

  4. this is a FABULOUS tutorial! THANK YOU!

  5. asombroso!!! fabulosa!!! bravo !!! me facino

  6. never use face paint near your eyes as it irritates the eyes because face paint is NOT designed to be used in such delicate areas just use eyeshadows which is a lot more safer than these face paints remember just because it is face safe does NOT mean its eye safe

  7. cool thanks for your making it

  8. can u use regular halloween makeup?

  9. Looks like the zombie had good dental hygiene.

  10. This is a great tutorial! Thanks Ashlea! I watched this a million times last year and am again this year!

  11. Wow. Halloween makeup is my passion but i have a budget. So the other high end makeup such as wolf and diamond fx i can get right now. This is just as great! This video helped me make my mind up and i just ordered six full size colors. Thank you so much for your video! And techniques

  12. This is great! Thank you! I did a deadful job the first try, but I'll get the hang of it soon. Ashleah is excellent at explaining instructions clearly 🙂

  13. Thank you! I did some horror make up in college about 25 years ago, but this is better and really has me wanting to do more! ~M x 

  14. This is awesome!!! Just tried this on my brother and it came out fantastic!! Thanks for the tutorial!!

  15. can I use fake blood instead of the runny red?

  16. Where do you get those snazaroo products?

  17. i loved this tutorial it was so good! i am totally going to use this on Halloween!

  18. I have some of the same face paint, you truly are amazing!

  19. Ashlea, your techniques are BRILLIANT!!! I'm going to use the blood trip and spatter!!

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