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Dracula Vampire Makeup Tutorial Halloween

How to do easy Dracula or Vampire makeup easy to follow makeup tutorial for Halloween for kids, children. Makeup you will need: White face paint, black face paint, black eyeliner, red lipstick, black eye shadow, makeup sponge, makeup brushes.

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  1. Ang batang ari nangungulangot

  2. It is a woww video .today on Halloween painted my son's face inspired by your video. Thank you

  3. Yuk the kid is digging his nose

  4. Its great that you showed the reality of parent child convos lol great job guys

  5. Wow I like it I do in my Halloween celebration


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  8. why does this have 9 million views lmaooo

  9. So everyone ignores this kid says Fuck? Twice

  10. muí mal el chinito que mostró la anvurgesa o lo que sea

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