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  1. I will definitely do this on Halloween, maybe just half of the face but who knows 🙂 It's so cool how you create the orange face paint yourself! I have very acne prone skin and I'm really scared to use facepaint but if I mix it with my own foundation, I should be fine! Thank you 🙂

  2. So glad you made this tutorial

  3. I feel like this would've stained her face..

  4. I recreated your look but cant find your account, did you change your handle on IG?

  5. I did it for Halloween it came out awesome thanks for the awesome make-up

  6. loved the " orange" foundation tip !!! i neeeeeed to try it so bad does it feel heavy?

  7. I love this!! So easy to follow, I can't wait to try this for Halloween!!

  8. Your Halloween tutorials look awesome

  9. Thnx so much I really appreciate it I used it for Halloween

  10. Wow!!! …. That looks so good ….. of all the Halloween makeups I have seen you do "which are all amazing" by the way! I just love this one the most so far…. Much LOve!

  11. #emilyalison I. So doing this!! If you have instagram I will direct message an image to u

  12. #emilyalison I. So doing this!! If you have instagram I will direct message an image to u

  13. Yeah… Its really good. One question. Halloween is on an inset day.. School after. How do you get it off?

  14. I'm working at a haunted hayride as a psycho pumpkin carver and i plan to use this so thanks

  15. This is perfect!! I'm going to give it a go this Halloween!

  16. Seriously considering doing this for a Halloween party I'm attending! It's amazing!! P.S Love your accent! Are you Northern Irish? X

  17. This is great ,I just had to subscribe !!!!!!! If you have a chance, take a peek on my channel too xxx

  18. This reminded me of when Zoe Sugg made Joe Sugg a pumkin! Is looks very good btw!

  19. I love it I scare my brother with this look

  20. This is soooo awesomeeee. You're so pretty and I love your voice ❤️❤️

  21. I love you and your accent omg <33

  22. It looks so real …………..
    Loved it

  23. This really good, looks like you have another subscriber xx

  24. My god, this is creepy ! good job with make up !

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