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Halloween Pumpkin Makeup Tutorial

Pumpkin Makeup Tutorial/Pumpkin Skull Halloween Makeup Tutorial

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For my second halloween makeup tutorial I’ve created a creepy scary easy pumpkin makeup/jack o’lantern makeup look and it’s such a cool idea for halloween! It’s so quick and easy and it requires no sfx and no latex all you need are some eyeshadows and eye liner, that simple and easy for beginners! Great as a last minute halloween idea look 🙂

Hope you have fun recreating this look and please share it on pinterest, twittter, facebook and show your friends! Tag me on instagram so I can see your recreations!

Happy Halloween 🙂

Products used:
Monu face primer
Benefit cosmetics hello flawless oxygen wow foundation
Sleek cosmetics orange eyeshadow
Mac cosmetics bronzer
Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette eye shadows
Maybelline gel pot eyeliner
Topshop kohl eye liner
Benefit they’re real mascara
Too faced cosmetics chocolate bar palette eyeshadows
The balm mary lou manizer highlighter



1.What camera do I use:

2. What lighting do I use:


Music: Epilog – Ghostpocalypse by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (
Darkest Child A by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (


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  1. I will definitely do this on Halloween, maybe just half of the face but who knows 🙂 It's so cool how you create the orange face paint yourself! I have very acne prone skin and I'm really scared to use facepaint but if I mix it with my own foundation, I should be fine! Thank you 🙂

  2. I feel like this would've stained her face..

  3. I recreated your look but cant find your account, did you change your handle on IG?

  4. I did it for Halloween it came out awesome thanks for the awesome make-up

  5. loved the " orange" foundation tip !!! i neeeeeed to try it so bad does it feel heavy?

  6. I love this!! So easy to follow, I can't wait to try this for Halloween!!

  7. Your Halloween tutorials look awesome

  8. Thnx so much I really appreciate it I used it for Halloween

  9. Wow!!! …. That looks so good ….. of all the Halloween makeups I have seen you do "which are all amazing" by the way! I just love this one the most so far…. Much LOve!

  10. #emilyalison I. So doing this!! If you have instagram I will direct message an image to u

  11. #emilyalison I. So doing this!! If you have instagram I will direct message an image to u

  12. Yeah… Its really good. One question. Halloween is on an inset day.. School after. How do you get it off?

  13. I'm working at a haunted hayride as a psycho pumpkin carver and i plan to use this so thanks

  14. This is perfect!! I'm going to give it a go this Halloween!

  15. Seriously considering doing this for a Halloween party I'm attending! It's amazing!! P.S Love your accent! Are you Northern Irish? X

  16. This is great ,I just had to subscribe !!!!!!! If you have a chance, take a peek on my channel too xxx

  17. This reminded me of when Zoe Sugg made Joe Sugg a pumkin! Is looks very good btw!

  18. I love it I scare my brother with this look

  19. This is soooo awesomeeee. You're so pretty and I love your voice ❤️❤️

  20. I love you and your accent omg <33

  21. It looks so real …………..
    Loved it

  22. This really good, looks like you have another subscriber xx

  23. My god, this is creepy ! good job with make up !


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