18 Inspiring Long Bob Hairstyle Ideas

By: Glaminati Media | Updated: 01/26/2018

Pick a Long Bob Hairstyle to Your Taste

A long bob, playing nice with practically any face shape, is a great option for a woman who is tired of wearing her hair long, yet, is reluctant to get it chopped off too short. This cut is extremely elegant, and its length is just ideal – it grazes shoulders.

Plus, a lob allows for many styling options. For example, you can straighten your tresses to appear sophisticated, or wave them for a very feminine flair, or curl them for a somewhat carefree, playful vibe. And of course, there’s always a place for experimenting with color when it concerns the lob.

Who can rock a lob? Any woman who does not have much free time in the morning like a working woman, or a mom, or a college student.

As you can see, a lob is the cut worth trying. So, let’s pick a look for you.

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