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CONTEST TIME!!!! 🤗 Enter to win one of our Tattoo Camo Double Kit with Remover Tonic valued at $112.95 👏 How to apply for this contest: ➡1. Like this post and comment below what you lo

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Next time your bitching about the cost about a palm size tattoo. Don’t bitch about being charge 100 plus. Supplied cost money and artists literally can starve for their crafts. •

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Thank you teacher, See you again next time 🤝🤘
69 custom tattoo X @able_slowdown
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Full Sleeve Tattoos | InkDoneRight Full sleeve tattoos are more eye-catching than their smaller counterparts! Full sleeve tattoos reach from the shoulder all the way down to the wrist, and…

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Whether you wanna hide ur tattoos from conservative relatives, cover it up for a wedding or a special event??? I can get it done for you .. #tattooconcealing #tattooconcealer #tattooconcealed #tattoos_of_ins

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Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Concealer An unlikely contender in the stakes for excellent concealers, this full-coverage concealer ($25, sephora…