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THANKFUL TURKEY ok ok I know it’s Halloween today (HAPPY HALLOWEEN!) and I’m jum…

🦃THANKFUL TURKEY🦃 ok ok I know it’s Halloween today (HAPPY HALLOWEEN!🎃) and I’m jumping ahead slightly buuuuut it’s with good cause 😉 THIS 👆🏻 is what the kids and I will be starting tomorrow (November 1) as our big Thanksgiving project – this is our THIRD YEAR doing it✨ I wanted to share in case you want to start with us tomorrow too 😍 This is such a joy to do each year and such a great way for the kids to visualize and reflect on how much they have to be thankful for 🙌🏻 Here’s the 4-1-1: I make a cute little turkey body from a grocery store bag and hang it on our wall 🍂 Each day, we talk about the word “thankful” and say one thing we are thankful for 🐿 I write these on a colorful feather I had cut from construction paper (I cut a ton all at once) 🌾 We tape these to the turkey/wall and watch him grow little by little 🍄 The first year we did this, Kate was about Matt’s age (24 months) & she’d mostly just name things she saw in the room 😂 So I’m really looking forward to what Matt will say each day on his feathers ⭐️ Also, each year I like to play a game with myself called “how many days will go by BEFORE they remember to be thankful for me” 🤣 Last year, it only took a week, and I came after three neighbors and the grocery store clerk 😂 So that’s what we will start tomorrow – building our thankful turkey one feather at a time (times THREE kids each day) and he will be one plump little bird come Thanksgiving day 🦃 Happy Halloween friends!! So excited to see all the kids in their costumes tonight 🍬🎃👻☠️🍫

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  1. @danielle_berges this would be cute to do with P

  2. @pookieyzaguirre love this! Just seeing this! Not on IG all the time

  3. I love this and so did my kids! Can’t wait to hear all the things they say. Thank you so much!

  4. @meghalvo do you follow her ? Might be some good ideas for recess on here, or help you think of some !

  5. @ericjsalley We’re going to take your thankful day one step further!

  6. @busytoddler day 2, thankful for the thankful turkey. How’s that for a circular reference?!

  7. @carie0102 here’s the page I was telling you about.

  8. @elizabethkirsch follow this lady.

  9. @beccabrisc idk how I found this account but when Dax is a lil older these activities could be so helpful!

  10. @rissykat this is one of them! We started the thankful turkey November 1st and it’s been so fun to hear E’s response!!

  11. @teeter_s how cute hahahaha!

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