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Eating a vegan Tofurky roast for #thanksgiving 🦃❤️🍗🌱 What are you thankful for ?👇🏻(comment below) 🥰

The best answer will be my caption

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🦃THANKFUL TURKEY🦃 ok ok I know it’s Halloween today (HAPPY HALLOWEEN!🎃) and I’m jumping ahead slightly buuuuut it’s with good cause 😉 THIS 👆🏻

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Which one of these happened to you today?
So thankful for my sister and brother-in-law cooking for us today so we can chill!!! #thanksgivingbingo


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Happy Thanksgiving! Our Chic Bites family is thankful to celebrate the holidays with so many of you and your beautiful families ❤️ @monroesalon #ChicBitesEventProduction #ThanksgivingFeast #Cat

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Happy Thanksgiving! One thing I’m thankful for right now is that I’m alive to see the sky burst open with light and make the clouds and land shimmer. Even this morning the sky was stormy but the sun lit up t

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Thankful. (I just made the cutlets. @adwoata did everything else.) 3 countries represented on a dinner table. Does it get better than that? #srilanka #ghana #america #thanksgiving #foodporn #fishcutlet #joll

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We did our “Thankful Turkey” today! I wrote each student’s name on the back of a sticky note and added it to our turkey friend’s feathers. Each student came to the board and picked a random note and wrote wh